DomoSnap Service

Make your house clever

Some people just see domotic as a toy to switch on/off a light or display a probe result on their tablet device. We think that domotic is really really more than that. DomoSnap is an awasome opportunity to use domotic to improve your way of life by adapting your house to your habbit and save money, increase security, reduce ecological footprin and lot more. It is just the begin and we want offer it to everybody!


DomoSnap Android

Everybody can simply use it

Since the begin DomoSnap main goal is to make domotic simple and acessible to all. We think again that the solution have to adapt you. It's why an android application have been developped to make you able to control your house with the less configuration possible. Lunch the application, select the protocol and let the application found your device with no configuration. No box to install. No configuration to do. Domotic is now accessible to everybody!


DomoSnap DIY

DomoSnap start a community to develop interesting project around domotique. As exemple a temperature and humidity probe to check wine cellar characteristic.


DomoSnap Engine

DomoSnap Engine is the heart of the system: it is a model of what is an IoT object. From that we can describe an object like a light or a probe. Engine come whit lot of predefined object and connector that make able to use different protocole. If you protocole is not supported, you can develop you own connector to make you able to use intelligence created uppon object.